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      1. Hotline:+86-592-6108915
        Contact Us
          Tel: +86-592-6108915
          Fax: +86-592-6108911
          Email: wonde@live.cn
        Position:HOME SERVICEReverse Engineering
        3D scanning of product

        Scanner is as the source of product 3D scanning, which can have high-speed precision scanning for your samples, prototype and model. And we can get 3D accurate date, combined with a special reverse engineering to make 3D reconstruction, to generate physical data format export internationally, IGS / STL and so on. Through rapid prototyping and CNC machining centers quick access to model and mold manufacturing process. You seize the chance to win the market and save valuable time


        3D test of product
        Product 3D test :① use the 3D scanner and scan the first piece of the mold ,
        from the point date and digital-analog mold to compare, to detect the product surface accuracy and flatness.② use the 3D scanners probe can detect the product dimensions, aperture, with the roundness, the center distance, parallelism and so on ③use the 2D image projector, the work piece can be enlarged 50 times, to detect the small size of work piece
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