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        Position:HOME SERVICESLA/SLS Laser Rapid Prototyping
        SLA is to edit the 3D data and then mold the work piece by means of laser fused deposition. The main materials are photocurable resin.
        Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is a powder Rapid Prototyping method . The process uses a layer system of building up a part with each layer of powder being sintered separately by a laser. As each layer is sintered it slowly constructs the part step by step . There are
        Various grades of materials used each with there own characteristics but each are used the same way within the SLS machine. The SLS machine basically consists
        Of 3 Powder beds and a Laser . Two of the powder beds hold the feed powder and the third bed holds the part. The part bed is middle of the beds with the laser acting directly perpendicular to this bed . A roller is used to push the layers of powder over the part bed and all three beds have their own heater source. The process itself is a very simple repeatable one . The building of the parts is repeatable process.
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