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      1. Hotline:+86-592-6108915
        ABOUT US 公司簡介
        Contact Us
          Tel: +86-592-6108915
          Fax: +86-592-6108911
          Email: wonde@live.cn
        Position:HOME ABOUT US About Us
        We are professional in Reverse Engineering Service and Rapid Prototyping Service .
        Our scope of service : CNC rapid prototype service , SLA/SLS prototype service , vacuum casting servise (silicone mould ) , reverse engineering service .
        Equipment : 11sets CNC machine , 3 sets 3D scanning machine , 1 set of vacuum laminating machine etc .
        Staffs: we have about 55 senior staffs , such as  Senior RE engineer, technician and programmers and inspection team etc.
        Material : ABS,PA,PC,POM,PMMA,PP,PE,Aluminum ,stainless steel,brass, copper etc.
        Surface finished : Polishing ,paint,silk screen,anodized, chrome plated, translucent,transparent etc.
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